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Using Your Card at Home and Abroad

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Cash Withdrawals

You may use your card to withdraw cash at any participating ATM displaying the Visa logo. Cash will be dispensed in the local currency and if this is different from the currency of your card, it will be charged to your account at the appropriate rate of exchange together with the percentage charge for the conversion.

Balance Enquiries

You can enquire about the balance of your current account at participating ATMs displaying the Visa logo. Balance enquiries displayed may vary depending on the type and location of participating ATMs.

Point of Sale (POS)/Purchases

You may use your card when paying for purchases in shops, hotels or restaurants that display the Visa logo.

In circumstances or countries where Chip and PIN transaction processing is not available, the transaction may be processed manually and you will be asked to check and sign a transaction slip/sales voucher.

Contactless Payment

You can use your card throughout the UK to make contactless payments of up to £100 at any retailer displaying the contactless symbol Contactless Symbol.

You can simply tap your card at the contactless reader to pay for coffee, newspapers, sandwiches and other low value items at participating retailers.

Contractless Payment

You must complete a Chip and PIN transaction before making your first contactless purchase. For extra security, you may occasionally be asked to enter your PIN when making a contactless card payment thereafter.


When you pay with your card in the UK, many shops and supermarkets may also offer you a cashback option free of charge. The maximum amount of cashback is determined by the retailer.

Shopping Online, by Mail and by Phone

You may use your card to order goods and services online, by mail or over the phone. To better protect you against fraud, we work with Visa Inc. to provide an extra layer of security when you shop online with our BEAUK Debit card, using Visa Secure* (formally known as Verified by Visa).

Our newly introduced BEA UK MyCard app enables you to authenticate your identity for online purchases without the use of the less secure pre-set passwords when purchasing online at Visa Secure participating retailers.

After you have entered your payment details, the retailer will present you with a verification screen, which will display a window with BEA logo asking you to use our BEA UK MyCard app to authenticate the payment.

 Demo of the Visa Secure message box

(The above is a demo of the Visa Secure message box that you may see when you make an online payment.)

*For more information about Visa Secure and and details of participating retailers, please visit


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