The Bank of East Asia

Corporate Banking

Corporate Cyberbanking

Corporate Cyberbanking is the online banking service offered by BEA and is available to our sole proprietors, partnerships and corporate customers.

As a business owner, you can allow certain personnel to access your accounts online. You will be able to set different levels of online access for each registered user based on their role and your business requirements. You will also be able to set multiple approvers for authorising transactions such as transfers and payments before they are processed by the Bank.


Scope of Services:

  • View account balances and transaction activity for the past 12 months
  • View/download statements issued from January 2021 onwards
  • View a summary of deposit contracts held
  • View details of outstanding loans and loan history for the past 12 months
  • Transfer funds between accounts held in the company name
  • Make payments to pre-registered UK bank accounts
  • View a summary of direct debit instructions
  • Order cheque books, paying-in books, certificates of deposit interest and certificates of loan interest
  • Make account-related or other enquiries