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Charges and Transaction Limits

Exchange Rate Transaction Fees (ERTF)

If you use your card to make a card transaction in a foreign currency, the amount will be converted into sterling using the exchange rate set by Visa applicable on the day it is processed by Visa for settlement (this may differ from the actual date of the transaction). An additional 2.5% ERTF will then be calculated on, and added to, this sterling amount. To check the exchange rate used by Visa to convert a foreign currency transaction, please visit

There will be no ERTF if the card is used to make card transactions in sterling.

Transaction Fees

Depending on the transaction type, transaction fees as detailed in the table below will also be payable. 

GBP Classic and TEEN Card 
ATM* cash withdrawals and POS in UK Free
ATM* cash withdrawals abroad 1.5% of GBP transaction amount (minimum £1.50 and maximum £4.50)
POS abroad Free

The details of all card transactions will be shown in your bank statement, including the type of card transaction, bank or retailer name, location, date of transaction, transaction amount and transaction fees, where applicable. For non-sterling transactions, the original transaction currency and amount, exchange rate and converted amount in sterling will also be shown separately.

* Please note that some providers of ATMs may apply a charge for the use of their service. Any such charge will be in addition to the charges we apply.

Cash Withdrawal Limits

The ATM withdrawal limits are set as follows:

Card TypeMaximum ATM Cash Withdrawal
GBP Classic £500.00
GBP TEEN £200.00

Please be aware that some ATMs may charge a transaction fee, and such will usually be advised on-screen at the time of withdrawal.

Spending Limit

A daily spending limit applies when you use your card at home or aboard for purchases. Please contact our Debit Card Customer Services for more information.


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