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Additional Information and Important Notes about our Loans and Advances

Additional Information

  • Security is required.
  • A professional valuation report for the property is required. You will incur a fee* that is based on the value of the property.
  • An arrangement fee* -for the setting up of your mortgage, loan or advance. This fee is payable upon your acceptance of our offer and is non-refundable.
  • If the mortgage / loan is fully repaid before the end of the mortgage / loan term, an early repayment charge (ERC)* will be payable to cover the administration costs.

*The applicable fees will be explained to you at the mortgage / loan application stage and will be set out in our offer. A copy of our Tariff of Charges for Mortgages, Loans and Advances will be sent to you with our offer. You can also request a copy from us at any time.


Important Notes

  • All applications will be subject to assessment criteria which must be satisfied, including:
    • your ability to repay the mortgage / loan - you will need to provide proof of income including salary advice, financial statements, tax returns and bank statements to confirm how much you earn.
    • your credit standing - we will ask for your consent to search the information held about you and your financial arrangements from credit reference agencies.
    • the information you provide us, including passport for verification of your identity.
  • Mortgages, loans and advances are subject to our terms and conditions, which will be explained and set out in our offer to you once your application is approved.